Cancer care for Millions

How to bring care closer to patients while reducing costs

While the global demand for cancer care continues to rise, in some regions cancer patients are challenged by limited supply. HealthCare Global Enterprises (HCG), the largest cancer care provider in India, has developed an innovative hub-and-spoke model that increases availability and affordability. By decentralizing care across 21 spokes, the model makes basic cancer services locally available to people who previously did not have access. For those in need of more intensive and expensive care services, HCG offers them in one centralized hub. There, they leverage high utilization to drive down per-patient costs and thereby make services affordable.

Issue 34 of the Siemens Healthineers Insights Series – Rethinking Cancer Care: A patient-centered best practice out of India – co-authored with Dr. BS Ajaikumar, Executive Chairman of HCG, provides insights into this remarkable approach.

The Insights Series explores current issues with an unmatched level of critical focus, providing authoritative knowledge, clear-eyed analysis, and sound context.

About HCG
HealthCare Global Enterprises Limited (HCG) is the largest cancer care provider in India. It was founded by Dr. BS Ajaikumar to realize his vision of making advanced cancer care accessible and affordable to everyone who needs it.

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