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Charbel Saade

Charbel Saade

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Charbel Saade joined Guerbet from a very solid academic and clinical background. He was the Professor and Chair of Radiology at the American University of Beirut and still holds many Adjunct Professor roles worldwide. He has published more than 100 scientific papers and 80 conference abstracts in international congresses. He served as the APAC Clinical Applications and Education Manager and now taking charge of the APAC Digital Solutions and Technical Service. He is passionate about lifting the clinical and technical practice of Diagnostic Imaging for better patient outcomes.

The 2nd decade of the 21st century is where Guerbet has evolved from being a radiology pharma and device provider to a solution company which includes digital solution provider in diagnostic imaging. The right diagnostics at the right time are increasingly important in enabling clinicians to make data-driven decisions.

Given the challenges faced with accreditation and re-accreditation from national and international organisations such as the Joint Commission, mandatory radiation dose monitoring is required, especially when displaying large volumes of data and demonstrating evidence of continuous improvement in your department.

In recent years, Guerbet has invested into the digital ecosystem and currently offering 2 solutions to aid Radiology department’s workflow efficiency, safety, auditing and standardisation without compromising on image quality – Contrast&Care and Dose&Care.

What is Contrast&Care and why?

Contrast&Care is an integrated IT solution that enables imaging centers to collect, archive, review and optimise patient injection data. Examination involves an injection (contrast agent, injection protocol, patient data, etc.) and interfaces with the information systems used in radiology, including the RIS (Radiology Information System), the PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) and EMR (Electronic Medical Records). It helps improves traceability and efficiency while simplifying the decision-making process at imaging centers.

One of the key features of Contrast&Care is that it can automatically collect data from both HIS (patient data, worklists) and injectors (volume, flowrate) following each examination. Users can view a patient’s data history, the examinations that required an injection and the doses of contrast media administered. Upon continuous examinations, it’s possible to send the protocol which was validated by both radiographer and radiologist from Contrast&Care directly to the injector. Contrast&Care also allows users to review protocols, create protocol libraries and see statistics and trends on injection activity and use of contrast media.

What is Dose&Care and why?

Accumulation exposure of X-ray doses in computed tomography and interventional examination procedures has long-term health risks such as cancer and is an increasing source of concern even with advances in technology according to the EPA (United States, Environmental Protection Agency,

Dose&Care is a ‘Patient X-ray Dose Management Solution’ which can be connected with all types of radiation emitting machines – a solution that seamlessly integrates into all modality vendors. Dose&Care is capable in building comprehensive and consistent histories based on patient exposure, detailed dosimetry results, cumulative dose, patient characteristics and modality settings – tailored dose to each patient. At the same time detect at-risk patients and review their upcoming exam according to their specific condition and dose history, determine the optimal balance between X-ray exposure and image quality according to the patient profile, implement and monitor according to the best practice policy = ALARA principle.

Radiation dose monitoring is employed to ensure radiation dose delivered to the patient is not over the pre-set threshold when trying to achieve optimal image quality. Radiation dose creep has been a concern to radiology departments since the beginning of x-rays, were radiation levels increase over time without knowing that can potentially harm the patient. This creep can potentially harm the patient.

An increasing source of concern in computed tomography with radiation dose is that we are giving greater levels of lifetime attributable risks of cancer to patients through imaging. More importantly, the number of CT scans has significantly risen 10-fold over the last decade and radiation dose still remains at high levels compared to new advances in technology. Therefore, careful auditing and consistent monitoring allows radiation dose levels to be monitored whilst maintaining optimal image quality set by the institution, resulting in significantly reduced lifetime attributable risk to cancer because of unnecessary radiation dose.

The Future

Future of imaging is centralised in digital solution to increase efficiency, reduce waste, cost whilst maintaining a safe radiology service without compromising on image quality and patient safety.

Guerbet offers a turnkey solution that provides a holistic approach to medicine.

Driven by its commitment to advance radiology today and tomorrow, Guerbet has designed a portfolio of interconnected diagnostic imaging solutions to enhance decision-making at each point of the patient journey from diagnosis to treatment and follow-up, in order to efficiently improve patient outcomes. This is UNIK.

UNIK concentrates on 4 pillars: high quality contrast media for MRI and for Xray, a large range of injectors and associated consumables covered by expert 360° technical support, and innovative digital solutions to ensure automatic traceability, improve efficiency, and heighten patient safety in the areas of contrast administration and radiation dose management.

Enhancing the imaging workflow in the hospital is our answer to this challenge. We are uniquely positioned as the only player with a strong foundation in contrast, injection systems, advanced informatics and AI algorithms.

A major global player in the diagnostic imaging market thanks to the established reputation of its contrast media products, Guerbet is much more than a mere supplier of contrast agents.

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