Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic

We are fully committed to supporting our partners throughout the healthcare system to provide the best possible care for patients. Siemens Healthineers supports healthcare providers at each stage of COVID-19 patient care: diagnosis, prognosis, therapy and follow-up.


Our medical imaging, laboratory diagnostics and point-of-care testing solutions can support physicians to make a prognosis about the severity of a COVID-19 case, help treat the patient, and assist in the follow-up to find out when the patient has recovered.


At the same time our digital health solutions, services and consulting can support healthcare providers in protecting healthcare workers and increasing healthcare delivery capacity. For example, our digital services enable medical personnel to operate systems regardless of their location and thus with a potentially lower risk of infection.

To see parts of the portfolio from Siemens Healthineers that can support healthcare providers at each stage of COVID-19 patient care please visit: https://www.corporate.siemens-healthineers.com/covid-19

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