Essential Measures to be Taken during COVID 19 Spread

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The article will describe all essential measures that individuals must consider during the COVID 19 spread. All these measures will create awareness among readers about the deadly virus and let them know what best they can do to avoid its spread.

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COVID 19 spread has changed our day-to-day routine to a great extent. Instead of consuming healthy and nutrient-dense whole foods, many of us had minimised exposure that can increase the temptation to consume junk food, eat snacks rich in sodium, low-quality meals providing instant gratification to taste buds. It is very challenging for most people to take care of themselves during self isolations and social distancing.

Our regular days included many physical activities like walking from the car, shopping for groceries, visiting malls, and many others that have just stopped due to virus spread. With the unprecedented lifestyle shift, there is potential for normalising a sedentary lifestyle packed with multiple actions such as watching television, sitting on computers for long, reading books, etc. But it becomes essential for us to stay productive and maintain an active lifestyle in the present era of social distancing.

Even if you aren't affected by the virus, even though it has a drastic effect on your day-to-day routine, it can negatively impact your overall health. Physical distancing, respiratory hygiene, hand washing, sanitizing are vital examples of self-care actions that you can take to protect against coronavirus. Numerous things can make a difference to your well-being and health during COVID 19 pandemic, including reproductive and sexual health.

Gathering Information from Trusted Sources
Misinformation and fear can increase the risk of infection and complications of deadly disease and other health conditions that you are caring about. WHO released the consolidated guideline1 on self-care interventions for health, beginning with the importance of reproductive and sexual health. It's an essential step in placing people and their requirements at the health care center, bringing quality interventions to every, maintaining the accountability of the health system during virus spread and beyond.


Lifestyle & Routine to Limit COVID 19 Exposure
Most people have become sick with virus spread; they might experience mild illness recovered at home. Symptoms might last for a few weeks, while people who have the virus might recover within a week. Treatment aims to relieve symptoms and include fluid intake, pain relievers, and rest as well.


However, adults with existing medical conditions should consult their doctor when they find COVID 19 symptoms and prevent the virus spread2. Old medical issues might put people at greater risk, and they can get serious. Make sure to follow the doctor's recommendations about home isolation and care for your loved ones and yourself as well. Talk with your doctor in case of any emergency or query about the treatment. Help COVID-infected people3  get medications, groceries, and other essentials if needed.

It is essential to consider how caring might affect your health. If you have an existing medical condition with lung or heart disease or diabetes, you might have a higher risk of severe COVID 19. You can isolate yourself and find someone to provide care. If you feel stressed or overwhelmed by coronavirus spread, be heartened that this is a pretty standard response. However, it's necessary to go simple on yourself and consider enough time for self-care. Keep the following points into consideration:

Stay Home Until

  • You don't get a fever for at least 72 hours (that is for three days that also without any medical consumption);
  • Other symptoms like breath and cough are improved;
  • Seven days have passed since you have symptoms.

Leave Home Only After

  • Monitoring your symptoms;
  • Stay in touch with a doctor in case of emergency;

Stay Away from Others

  • During home isolation, stay away from pets and family members;
  • Wear facemask to protect others from sneeze and cough droplets;
  • Avoid sharing drinking glasses, dishes, eating utensils, bedding, and towel with other members of the house;
  • Make sure to wash all your utensils and clothes after every use;
  • Disinfect and clean surface along with microwaves, toilets, sinks, shower, bath, etc., after every use;
  • Wear facemask and gloves while coming in contact with pets and other family members.

Take Care of Yourself

  • Consider taking plenty of rest;
  • Drink a lot of liquid;
  • Keep yourself warm;
  • Use humidifier;
  • Take a hot shower for cough and throat;
  • Take ibuprofen, naproxen, and acetaminophen helping to reduce fever and relieve pains and aches;
  • Follow a healthy diet;
  • Use alcohol-based sanitizer;
  • Clean your hands for at least 20 seconds after a sneeze, use toilets, or before eating.

Some Effective Tips to Consider for Taking Care of Yourself During COVID 19 Pandemic

Stay Active
Everyone knows well that exercise is good for mental and physical health. There are heaps of practice you can consider doing at home. You must also take a long walk to keep your body active, continue performing your day-to-day activities instead of sitting in bed.

Take 10 to be Zen
Whenever you feel stressed, and then your thoughts tend to speed up. Hence take 10 minutes to practice practical things that keep your mind fresh and active. Mindfulness can help you produce a sense of calmness. If you do not get what about it, you can go online and check activities that refresh your mind. You can do meditation as it is the best way to have mindfulness.

Chat with Mates
Try to stay in touch with your friends, family, and others through Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, or other platforms. You can even contact your friends and family through calls. Ask them about their experience; share your, talk to others that help you to stay motivated. You can even start a group chat to share good things that happen throughout the day.

Avoid Going Outside
It's better to avoid going outside for unnecessary things. Instead of rushing out for minor things, you can consider performing everything at home. You can shop for at-home use devices to help you ease your day-to-day work. You can use light therapy devices, vissipl, TempTraq, Qardiobase, earplugs, etc. There are many more that you purchase to ease your regular work like shaving, hair removal, massage, etc.

Take Homemade Meal
Good nutrition is essential for better health; however, there is nothing better than a healthy and tasty homemade meal during a stressful time. You can make a particular recipe on your own or can ask your family member to prepare it for you. For most of us, it's challenging to have every ingredient in the present situation. If you're running low with the ingredients, don't worry; make your dish as straightforward; it's magnificent.

Take a Break from Stressful News
Most of us feel saturated by COVID 19 updates on social media and news. However, it would help if you stay informed, limit your media intake a couple of times, and consider trusted news sources. If you catch yourself turning to a social platform when you are isolated, then take a break and spend time on other activities.

Make an Engaging Playlist
Music makes you feel much better, hop on a streaming platform, create your playlist to enjoy it during workouts, food making, etc. You can make a group playlist and ask friends to add their favorite song to the list as well. If you want to go fancy, you can create several playlists as per different moods and vibes such as rainy day, beautiful morning, happy feeling, etc.

Watch and Read Something Uplifting
Distraction is the best option. Hence watch something that helps you uplift and enables you to zone out from what is happening globally. YouTube is the best source to explore relaxing videos that help you chill yourself. If you have a reading passion, then invest in good and motivational books. If you don't have a physical book, then the e-book is the perfect option to choose from.

Learn Something New
Have you tried to learn a musical instrument, drawing, cooking, or other such exciting things? Then it's a great time to start. You can even learn some new programming language, subject or gather other knowledge from your smartphone and computer.

Summing It Up
The above guidelines will help you to improve your overall wellness and health. Please consider taking a healthy diet, adequate rest, performing physical activities, and don't forget to take extra care of your medical health. Take care of your mental health as it's the best way to cure and perform activities that boost your immunity to avoid getting affected by the virus.

However, be sure to practice COVID 19 guidelines on self-care, social distancing, wearing masks, self-quarantine, and other essential things if you feel a medical emergency visit or contact your doctor.


Riddhi Ganatra

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