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Explore fresh approaches to Healthcare, Manufacturing and Embedded Solutions

Intelligent technology is enabling new ways of handling business, and future growth in the industries still face tremendous challenges. Therefore, Avalue would like to deliver the value-added experiences to empower your business.

This webinar series will share ideas and solutions for the various applications, particularly in digital healthcare, smart manufacturing, transportation, and embedded computing. So welcome to attend Avalue e-channel to learn how you can accelerate your time to market with Avalue's solutions.


In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Our Advantages.
  • Focused Segments.
  • Applications
  • Product coverage.

  • Medical regulation compliance.
  • Scenario solution
  • Reflective display
  • Digital paper solution


Jason Liu

Avalue Medical & Healthcare Solutions and Services | Product Director

Rus Lu

Enhance Patient Experience with Digital Paper

Product Manager of Smart Healthcare Solution Product Div.

Stanley Chiang

Enhance Patient Experience with Digital Paper

Director of Strategic Partnership, E Ink