Clinical Governance In HealthCare Practice, 2nd Edition

Clinical Governance In HealthCare Practice, 2nd Edition

Pages: 272

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

Year of Publication: 2003

Author(s) : Hannes Bleuler, Mohamed Bouri, Francesco Mondada, Doina Pisla, Aleksandar Rodi? and Patrick Helmer

Book Description:

This is the second edition of the successful U.K. book which includes more detail on NICE, CHI and other government initiatives. Content is expanded to include information appropriate for the whole of the UK. Additional examples of good practice cover primary care and other specialties. This book entails in-depth analysis of concepts like clinical governance and the wider quality agenda, structure and accountability, achieving change in Clinical governance, quality initiatives (detailing the process of clinical effectiveness). This book also proffers a comprehensive research and development analysis along with a corresponding guide.

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