Common Pediatric Knee Injuries

Common Pediatric Knee Injuries

Pages: 302

Publisher: Springer International Publishing

Year of Publication: 2021

Author(s) : Coleman, Nailah (Ed.)

Book Description:

This book is designed as a practical and quick reference guide on the evaluation and management of common pediatric knee injuries for those who provide clinical care to children and adolescents, including pediatricians, family practitioners, pediatric nurse practitioners, and trainees in these fields. It focuses on the important findings on evaluation and considerations for management of common knee injuries and is arranged in three general sections, as follows: general evaluation of the pediatric knee, specific injuries in the pediatric knee and injury prevention.

Concise and practical, this book adds and improves on current academic offerings in the field, while providing an easy-to-read reference for both common and concerning pediatric knee issues.  It contains cases to aid understanding, as well as helpful pearls and pitfalls along with a chapter summary for each condition. All chapters are structured in a similar way to ensure that this remains a well-organized quick resource for the clinician in a hurry.  This book appeals to the pediatrician, and the sports medicine specialist alike, interesting all clinicians that work with the pediatric athlete and with pediatric knee injuries.

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