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CT and MRI in Congenital Heart Diseases

CT and MRI in Congenital Heart Diseases

Pages: 706

Publisher: Springer Singapore

Year of Publication: 2021

Author(s) : Rajeshkannan, Ramiah, Raj, Vimal, Viswamitra, Sanjaya (Eds.)

Book Description:

This book covers the cross-sectional imaging of congenital heart diseases, and features a wealth of relevant CT and MRI images. Important details concerning anatomy, physiology, embryology and management options are discussed, and the key technical aspects of performing the imaging are explained step by step. Written by a team of respected authors, the book is richly illustrated and supplemented with access to a number of clinical videos.

Intended to provide quick and reliable access to high-quality MRI and CT images of frequently encountered congenital and structural heart abnormalities, the book offers a go-to guide for imaging physicians, helping them overcome the steep learning curve for pediatric cardiac imaging.