Health Care Systems Engineering For Scientists And Practitioners

Health Care Systems Engineering For Scientists And Practitioners

Pages: 198

Publisher: Springer International Publishing

Year of Publication: 2016

Author(s) : Andrea Matta, Evren Sahin, Jingshan Li, Alain Guinet, Nico J. Vandaele

Book Description:

In this volume, scientists and practitioners write about new methods and technologies for improving the operation of health care organizations.  Statistical analyses play an important role in these methods with the implications of simulation and modeling applied to the future of health care.  Papers are based on work presented at the Second International Conference on Health Care Systems Engineering (HCSE2015) in Lyon, France.  The conference was a rare opportunity for scientists and practitioners to share work directly with each other.  Each resulting paper received a double blind review.  Paper topics include: hospital drug logistics, emergency care, simulation in patient care, and models for home care services.

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