The Disc and Degenerative Disc Disease

The Disc and Degenerative Disc Disease

Pages: 370

Publisher: Springer International Publishing

Year of Publication: 2021

Author(s) : Mohammadpour, Mehrdad (Ed.)

Book Description:

This easy-to-consult guide examines the most advanced techniques in the radiological evaluation of the disc and degenerative disc disease, using conventional, functional, dynamic and advanced imaging. It provides clear information on a range of CT, X-ray, and MRI guided techniques, presents all disc treatments in connection with symptomatic disc herniations, evaluates conservative, chemical (ESI, steroid, Ozone, ethanol gel injections) and physical treatments (coblation, laser, decompressors, endoscopy), and assesses the possibility of repairing and/or regenerating the disc in the context of reversible disc degeneration. Like other books in the Springer series New Procedures in Spinal Interventional Neuroradiology, this practice-oriented volume will fill a significant gap in the literature and meet the need expressed by many specialists (interventional neuroradiologists and radiologists, neurosurgeons, and orthopedists) for a topical and handy guide that specifically illustrates the currently available materials and methods.