The Wiley Handbook of Healthcare Treatment Engagement: Theory, Research, and Clinical Practice

The Wiley Handbook of Healthcare Treatment Engagement: Theory, Research, and Clinical Practice

Pages: 664

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Year of Publication: 2020

Author(s) : Andrew Hadler (Editor), Stephen Sutton (Editor), Lars Osterberg (Editor)

Book Description:

Against a global backdrop of problematic adherence to medical treatment, this volume addresses and provides practical solutions to the simple question: “Why don’t patients take treatments that could save their lives?”

The Wiley handbook of Healthcare Treatment Engagement offers a guide to the theory, research and clinical practice of promoting patient engagement in healthcare treatment at individual, organizational and systems levels. The concept of treatment engagement, as explained within the text, promotes a broader view than the related concept of treatment adherence. Treatment engagement encompasses more readily the lifestyle factors which may impact healthcare outcomes as much as medication-taking, as well as practical, economic and cultural factors which may determine access to treatment. Over a span of 32 chapters, an international panel of expert authors address this far-reaching and fascinating field, describing a broad range of evidence-based approaches which stand to improve clinical services and treatment outcomes, as well as the experience of users of healthcare service and practitioners alike.

This comprehensive volume adopts an interdisciplinary approach to offer an understanding of the factors governing our healthcare systems and the motivations and behaviors of patients, clinicians and organizations. Presented in a user-friendly format for quick reference, the text first supports the reader’s understanding by exploring background topics such as the considerable impact of sub-optimal treatment adherence on healthcare outcomes, before describing practical clinical approaches to promote engagement in treatment, including chapters referring to specific patient populations. The text recognizes the support which may be required throughout the depth of each healthcare organization to promote patient engagement, and in the final section of the book, describes approaches to inform the development of healthcare services with which patients will be more likely to seek to engage.

This important book:
•    Provides a comprehensive summary of practical approaches developed across a wide range of clinical settings, integrating research findings and clinical literature from a variety of disciplines
•    Introduces and compliments existing approaches to improve communication in healthcare settings and promote patient choice in planning treatment
•    Presents a range of proven clinical solutions that will appeal to those seeking to improve outcomes on a budget

Written for health professionals from all disciplines of clinical practice, as well as service planners and policy makers, The Wiley Handbook of Healthcare Treatment Engagement is a comprehensive guide for individual practitioners and organizations alike.

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