Tuberculous Meningitis 1st Edition

Tuberculous Meningitis 1st Edition

Pages: 130

Publisher: Academic Press

Year of Publication: 2020

Author(s) : Jerome H. Chin

Book Description:

Tuberculous Meningitis: Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy focuses on the most common and most lethal manifestation of tuberculosis of the central nervous system. It includes up-to-date reviews of the diagnosis, treatment, and management of tuberculous meningitis in adults and children. Extensive guidance is provided for the treatment of drug-sensitive and drug-resistant tuberculosis and tuberculous meningitis. Clinicians and researchers will find the beginning chapters on immunopathology and epidemiology of great use in their efforts to develop new strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculous meningitis.

Key Features
•    Written by international contributors from countries most affected by tuberculosis
•    Describes clinical and neuroimaging features of tuberculous meningitis

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