Writing High-Quality Medical Publications: A User's Manual

Writing High-Quality Medical Publications: A User\'s Manual

Pages: 256

Publisher: CRC Press

Year of Publication: 2017

Author(s) : Stephen W Gutkin

Book Description:

This manual has been designed to offer practical guidance and useful exercises to scientific authors looking to improve both the structure and substance of their manuscripts, in order to write text that is clear, concise and direct with the best chance of publication success. Informed by the firm belief that scientific writing can be engaging, elegant and memorable, the author brings 25 years in medical communications, showing readers through clear examples how to relate data in familiar medical parlance while minimizing jargon, to clarify sophisticated methods and complex concepts without oversimplification, and to be minutely accurate with respect to references and other sources of data.


•    A highly practical and readable guide to medical writing for authors and communicators wishing to improve their skills and output quality
•   Presents the principles of quality in medical communications, including fair balance, in an understandable and accessible way
•   Reviews the pivotal processes of initiating writing projects, as well as structuring and styling manuscripts, including "red-line" exercises for writers and editors
•   Enumerates the central requirements for quality control in all types of manuscripts, as well as specific guidelines for preparation of different types of papers
•  Considers statistical issues surrounding study design and interpretation, an area of considerable anxiety to those less confident in mathematics and statistics


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