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25th February 2021


11:30 AM AEST

Matthew Fernandes

Matthew Fernandes

Head of Public Sector Strategy, ANZ


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IT Predictions 2021 - ANZ Edition

The events of 2020 challenged business leaders globally like never before. Join our IT Predictions 2021 live webinar with an expert panel to get a deeper understanding of the dynamics that will shape 2021, and explore how to harness disruption to drive meaningful change and growth.

During this webinar, our IT practice leaders will discuss the most important trends and expectations of IT's 2021 agenda. We will analyse results from the Hackett Group's Key Issues Study on current industry progress and results. Our panel will help guide the discussion to shape how organizations will adapt to the aftermath of a yearlong pandemic and how that impacts the workforce and the IT operating model. We will also update adoption levels and impacts of digital tools and technologies.

What participants will learn:

  • Most important IT function objectives for 2021M.
  • Most important IT transformation initiatives planned for 2021M.
  • Hurdles to IT transformation in 2021 & how to overcome themM.
  • KPIs IT teams plan to focus in 2021M.
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About - Matthew Fernandes

Matthew Fernandes Matthew has been associated with the Information Technology industry for over 10+ years on both sides of the fence, as an end user consuming IT services and as a client advocate proposing IT services.

Having worked in roles positioning IT hardware, security products, operational and monitoring software, business applications and revenue generating applications.

Matthew is passionate about his clients, believes in adopting a customer first approach by helping his clients leverage their existing investments and by educating them around IT trends and solutions for their business to help them achieve their business outcomes.