Acclarent Announces U.S. Launch of RELIEVA SCOUT® Multi-Sinus Dilation System

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Acclarent, Inc., today announced the U.S. availability of the RELIEVA SCOUT® Multi-Sinus Dilation System, which utilizes Balloon Sinuplasty technology to safely confirm and dilate sinus openings in people with chronic sinusitis. The new system helps surgeons effectively widen sinus openings, using a minimally-invasive procedure that minimizes trauma and protects the patient's natural anatomy.

"I'm always looking for new technologies that enable me to better address the needs of those suffering from chronic sinusitis," said Dr. Madan Kandula of the ADVENT Sinus & Allergy Center. "The RELIEVA SCOUT® Multi-Sinus Dilation System brings together the benefits of tactile feedback and greater reach in an easy-to-use, precise device, which helps me safely and effectively treat my patients."

Sinusitis is one of the most common chronic health problems in the United States, affecting approximately 37 million people each year. Those with chronic sinusitis typically suffer from a combination of headaches, congestion, facial pain/pressure, and other symptoms impacting their physical, functional and emotional quality of life.1

While chronic sinusitis is typically treated first with medication, at least 20 percent of people do not respond adequately to such treatment.2,3 In these cases, Balloon Sinuplasty technology – a safe and minimally-invasive alternative that widens the sinus openings – may be an option.4,5

The RELIEVA SCOUT® Multi-Sinus Dilation System features a flexible balloon that extends beyond its seeker-like tip for greater reach, enabling simple access to the Sphenoid, Frontal and Maxillary sinuses.

"Acclarent's new system includes the precision of flexible over-the-wire technology, with the versatility of a rail which can be shaped, creating a device that efficiently accesses and dilates multiple sinuses," said Dr. William Kane, Medical Director at Acclarent.


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