Agilvax announces Strategic Collaboration with Humabs BioMed SA to Develop Targeted Vaccines and Immunotherapies

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Agilvax, Inc. announced a collaboration with Switzerland based Humabs BioMed that will contribute to the rapid advancement of Agilvax's ever expanding vaccine and immunotherapy pipeline.  Humabs BioMed has established itself as an innovator and leader in the development of human monoclonal antibodies. Agilvax is excited to utilize antibodies developed from patient survivors of infectious and chronic diseases.  The use of these therapeutic antibodies, which have been proven to be efficacious both in vitro and in in vivo, represent the ideal antibody source to identify virus-like-particle (VLP) vaccine candidates and immunotherapies using Agilvax's innovative affinity selection technology. Affinity selection with Humabs' antibodies will lead to the production of VLPs that induce high-titer, durable, and protective antibody responses that mimic the selecting therapeutic monoclonal antibody.  Utilization of Humabs' best-in-class antibodies will promote the successful development and commercial launch of vaccines and immunotherapies to combat diseases with unmet medical needs.  Agilvax has a proven track record of progressing products through pre-clinical proof of concept in as short as four to six months following the affinity selection process.

Agilvax President & CEO, Dr. Federica Pericle stated, "Agilvax is committed to developing and increasing accessibility to targeted vaccines and immunotherapies. The utilization of Humabs' antibodies in our product development process greatly increases our ability to fulfill this mission.  Using antibodies derived from patient survivors ensures the creation of vaccines and immunotherapies that produce strong and precise immune responses, and ultimately improves health outcomes and patient well being."


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