Calvary Health Care and Medibank sign new three year contract deal

Monday, August 31, 2015

Calvary Health Care and Medibank today announced they had signed a new three year contract that will deliver enhanced healthcare outcomes and affordability for members and patients.

Medibank Executive General Manager Provider Networks and Integrated Care, Dr Andrew Wilson, and Mark Doran, Calvary National Chief Executive Officer, said:  “We recognise that this was a robust and challenging negotiation.

“However, we’ve reached an agreement that will deliver enhanced clinical safety, quality care and affordability for members and patients.  It is good for both our organisations and all other stakeholders, be they  staff or doctors,” they said.

“We are pleased to have achieved certainty about ongoing care for Medibank’s members who require care in Calvary hospitals.

“This renewed partnership places both organisations in a strong position to help tackle the growing challenges facing Australia’s world class health system.”

As the terms of the agreement are confidential, they would not be disclosed publicly, both parties said.