Conformis Announces First Procedure Performed Using New Acteraâ„¢ Hip System

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

ConforMIS, Inc., a leading medical device company that features personalized knee and hip replacement products, today announced that the first procedure with the company’s new Actera™ Hip System has been performed.

Dr. William Kurtz, MD performed the hip replacement procedure at Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, using a minimally invasive direct-anterior approach. “The Actera hip system is a great new option for hip reconstruction surgeons,” said Dr. Kurtz. “Conformis’ addition of a tri-taper stem design enables surgeons to treat a broader range of patient anatomies and the shorter length options offer easier access to the femur while maintaining the fixation and integrity required for long term success of the implant.”

The new system is currently rolling out to select sites across the U.S., and the company anticipates the full commercial launch of Actera in mid-2023. Actera will feature several personalization options for surgeons to choose what best fits their patients, even for complex anatomies.

The new Actera Hip System uses the cutting-edge tri-taper stem design, which features a range of sizes and angles derived from the company’s deep data analytics of its large patient database. This cementless hip stem component features a proximally coated titanium spray with a hydroxyapatite layer to encourage initial and long-term fixation.

“We are pleased with the initial interest and positive reception of our Actera Hip System, which is part of Conformis’ continued efforts to be at the forefront of design, technology and personalization in total joint replacement,” said Mark Augusti, President and CEO of Conformis. “This exciting new addition to our portfolio allows us to expand our offering to surgeons treating patients in need of hip replacement surgery.”

Actera is available in variable collar lengths to avoid the overhang or stem subsidence that can occur when using implants with fixed collar lengths. In addition, the hip system has two head-center options in each size, enabling a more intuitive intraoperative experience.

Most significantly, this is a major building block for the future. Once Actera’s tri-taper stem design is combined with Conformis’ proprietary three-dimensional, data-driven personalized hip planning software, surgeons will be able to choose, pre-operatively, the best fit implant construct for their patients’ needs and their choice in surgical technique. The company believes this will result in a more efficient and streamlined operating room experience, a less invasive procedure, and a more stable fit for initial and long-term fixation.

“As with our Identity™ and Imprint™ knee replacement systems, Actera is a data-driven design derived from both Conformis’ industry leading database of thousands of patients’ anatomies and our advanced surgical planning experience,” said James Paiva, Vice President of Marketing. “This enables Conformis to continue to design and deliver the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of personalized products and surgical planning for total joint replacement.”

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