Endoquest Robotics Announces Multi-Year Partnership with Proximie

Friday, March 17, 2023

EndoQuest™ Robotics and Proximie have announced a partnership to accelerate the deployment of EndoQuest’s Endoluminal Surgical (ELS) System. This partnership, enables to make the development as easy as possible and take another step into the future of surgery.

With the agreement, Proximie will seamlessly support EndoQuest as it develops and launches the world's first flexible endoluminal robotic surgery system. EndoQuest’s endoluminal technology will integrate easily with Proximie’s best-in-class technology platform, to share live, visually detailed procedures or post-procedure recordings with physicians.

EndoQuest’s revolutionary technology is the next major advancement in minimally invasive surgery bringing even less invasive surgery to patients. It reshapes how physicians perform operations, potentially setting a new bar for patient outcomes, complication rates, recovery time, and cost of care.

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