Ergotron Partners with UV Angel to Reduce Spread of Pathogens within Healthcare Systems

Thursday, January 28, 2021

As healthcare providers continue to focus on reducing the spread of pathogens within care facilities, Ergotron and UV Angel® have partnered to offer an ultraviolet (UV-C) light technology solution that safely automates pathogen reduction on workstation surfaces. These accessories are attached above the worksurface or keyboard of Ergotron’s StyleView® medical carts. The solution supports infection prevention measures without disrupting workflows, allowing healthcare workers to stay healthy and focused on providing quality care to their patients.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring the health and safety of healthcare providers and patients has never been more important. Research has shown that the presence of healthcare-associated infection pathogens can be found on 1 in 4 frequently touched surfaces. This demonstrates the critical importance of maintaining clean workspaces to reduce the harmful spread of bacteria, fungi and viruses between patients and caregivers. With the addition of automated UV Angel Adapt™ technology to Ergotron’s StyleView medical carts, up to 99% of surface contamination can be eliminated hundreds of times a day, providing continuous monitoring and pathogen reduction without disruption.

“The partnership with UV Angel underscores Ergotron’s commitment to helping our healthcare customers thrive,” said Mark Brandenhoff, general manager, healthcare at Ergotron. “By adding clinically proven UV-C light technology to our workstations, we’re providing an extra layer of protection, empowering caregivers and other healthcare workers to feel confident they are doing everything they can to stay healthy and safe during this challenging time.”

Studies have shown that people are a primary source of contamination and disease transmission. The recent pandemic has once again highlighted the need to add enhanced source-level controls at the point of contamination. The UV Angel Adapt™ technology has been specifically designed as an engineered source-level control system, operating automatically and independent of other cleaning procedures and infection control measures.

A Stanford University study using UV Angel technology found that UV decontamination significantly slowed the spread of virus DNA, reducing it 90% after 48 hours. As the number of decontaminated surfaces in the hospital increased, the number of viable transmission routes between patients subsequently decreased.

“We believe UV Angel technology is incredibly important to support healthcare workers on the frontlines in the fight against pathogens—especially right now,” said Dr. Linda Lee, chief medical affairs and science officer at UV Angel. “Ergotron is a natural partner for us given their reputation in the industry and large number of StyleView medical carts in use in hospitals, clinics and health systems. Together, we have a tremendous opportunity to make a real difference for caregivers, patients and their families.”

Purchase of the UV Angel Adapt™ technology includes a one-year subscription to a robust, cloud-based analytics software platform for IT professionals to track key performance indicators, access manual and automated cleaning data, and make informed decisions to support infection prevention efforts across the entire fleet.

The UV Angel Adapt™ accessories for StyleView carts will be available in North America in early February. Customers may select to have the light outfitted on the workstation’s keyboard or worksurface.

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