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First U.S. Patent Granted to Inspira™ for Orbital Blood Oxygenation Delivery System

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Inspira™ Technologies, an innovative leader in medical technology striving to outpace conventional mechanical ventilators, has achieved a landmark milestone with the granting of the first U.S. Patent for its cutting-edge orbiting blood oxygenation delivery system. This patented technology serves as the cornerstone of the revolutionary INSPIRA™ ART500 device, boasting 16 distinct claims.

The orbiting blood oxygenation delivery system, known as VORTX™, represents a significant departure from traditional fiber-based oxygenation methods, which often result in adverse effects on blood cells. Unlike existing fiber-based systems that subject blood to turbulent flows and friction, causing damage and clotting, VORTX™ mimics the natural laminar flow of blood within the body's vessels, minimizing such risks.

The INSPIRA ART500 device is a breakthrough solution designed to empower conscious patients by continuously monitoring essential blood parameters and delivering precise oxygenation directly into the bloodstream. With the integration of the HYLA blood sensor, the device holds the promise of real-time blood analysis, potentially enabling healthcare providers to detect changes in patient condition promptly and make informed decisions accordingly.