GBA Healthcare Group and CUHK Medical Centre Form Strategic Collaboration to Establish an Integrated Value-Based Care Ecosystem in the GBA

Friday, December 08, 2023

CUHK Medical Centre (CUHKMC) and The GBA Healthcare Group (HK) Limited (GBAH Group) have recently inked a strategic cooperation agreement to establish The GBA Integrated Value Based Care Partnership Ecosystem collaboratively. Leveraging their substantial experience in medical collaboration between Guangdong and Hong Kong, GBAH Group has officially launched this initiative, designating CUHK Medical Centre as its inaugural partner hospital in Hong Kong. Both entities are committed to prioritizing patient health outcomes and will jointly offer cross-border healthcare services. This includes general outpatient services in the Greater Bay Area and specialized inpatient services in Hong Kong for residents of the Greater Bay Area.

In the face of a rapidly aging society and soaring healthcare costs, there's an urgent need to enhance medical efficiency and effectiveness. The increasing incidence of tumors and chronic diseases underscores the necessity to shift from a disease-centered medical model to one centered on health. Value-based care, emphasizing health over disease, charges based on patient health outcomes rather than services and provides cost-effective healthcare services while improving patient health outcomes.

The strategic collaboration between CUHKMC and GBAH Group initiates with research and clinical exchanges at the hospital housing the Hong Kong-Macau Residents Healthcare Services Center. Through a cross-border two-way referral service model, the collaboration aims to broaden healthcare options for residents of the Greater Bay Area, enhancing their medical experience from outpatient to inpatient care and from routine services to disease treatment. Supported by the partnership system, both entities plan to innovate insurance products centered around patient health, utilizing a cost-effective healthcare service payment model to offer residents valuable health coverage.

The GBA Integrated Value Based Care Partnership Ecosystem, pioneered by GBAH Group, represents a collaborative regional medical service system. Participants include payers (insurance and reinsurance companies), service providers (hospitals and clinics), technology companies (cross-border data and clinical systems), and retail pharmacies in Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area cities. This partnership ecosystem, focusing on residents' health, aims to proactively maintain residents' well-being and prevent illnesses through comprehensive medical collaboration.