Globus Medical Announces CE Mark for Excelsius GPS™

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Globus Medical, Inc. (GMED), a leading musculoskeletal implant manufacturer, announced that the Excelsius GPS™, a revolutionary system providing robotic trajectory guidance and navigation, is now CE marked. This platform technology supports both minimally invasive and open orthopedic and neurosurgical procedures, with applications ranging from the cervical spine to the sacroilium, long bones and cranium. Excelsius GPS™ seamlessly integrates with Globus Medical implants and instruments and is compatible with pre-operative CT, intra-operative CT and fluoroscopic imaging modalities. The system is designed to minimize radiation exposure, streamline workflow, and reproducibly assist in implant placement.

“Excelsius GPSTM is another example of continued innovation from Globus Medical, utilizing feedback from expert surgeons from different specialties,” said Norbert Johnson, Vice President of Robotics, Imaging, & Navigation.  “Our goal with the Excelsius GPS™ System is to improve the continuum of care for patients, surgeons, and hospitals through the application of robotic and navigation technology in the fields of spine, trauma, and cranial surgery.”