Globus Medical Launches FORTIFY Variable Angle Expandable Corpectomy Spacer System

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Globus Medical, Inc., a leading musculoskeletal solutions company, today announced the launch of FORTIFY VA™, a variable angle corpectomy solution, to add to its large and growing Expandable Technology portfolio.  Globus Medical is the industry leader in expandable technology with over 20 expandable implant options backed by 15 years of engineering, testing, and clinical experience.  The company’s Expandable Technology portfolio consists of the most innovative devices on the market, designed to improve clinical results using minimally invasive surgery (MIS) approaches.

Building on Globus Medical’s experience and innovation, FORTIFY VA™ is an expandable corpectomy spacer designed to optimize anatomical fit using an anterior cervical approach or one of several approaches to the thoracolumbar spine. FORTIFY VA™ provides up to 16° of angulation as the device expands to self-align its variable angle endplate with the patient’s anatomy – an added feature that traditional corpectomy devices do not possess.

Dr. Mike Chen, a neurosurgeon at City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center of Duarte, California, recently performed the first FORTIFY VA™ procedure. “Endplate selection is an important factor in restoring sagittal and coronal spinal alignment and providing construct stability. FORTIFY VA™ removes the guesswork in choosing an ideal lordotic or kyphotic implant,” said Dr. Chen. “The ability to provide a customizable implant in fewer steps that is designed to restore height and automatically adjust the endplate to the interfacing vertebra is a significant advancement in expandable corpectomy technology.”

The Globus Medical Expandable Technology portfolio represents a commitment to advance minimally invasive surgery (MIS), restore sagittal balance, and improve clinical results.

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