Health Canada Grants Clearance for Tyber Medical's Anatomical Plating System

Thursday, February 08, 2024

Tyber Medical LLC, a leading manufacturer of orthopedic devices specializing in private label implants for trauma, extremity, and spine applications, has obtained clearance for its anatomical plating system in Canada. This comprehensive line, previously approved by the FDA 510(k) in the United States, has now received clearance from Health Canada.

The plating system features a variety of stainless steel and titanium plates that incorporate standard and variable angle locking compression plates and screws with diverse lengths, thicknesses, and configurations. Engineered with low-profile plates to minimize soft tissue irritation and optimize variable locking technology, the system aims to reduce screw head prominence. Furthermore, both sterile and non-sterile plates are enhanced with a unique combination of materials and surface modifications to significantly increase fatigue resistance.

Tyber Medical remains committed to advancing patient care and improving healing outcomes through innovative orthopedic device technology. With a focus on rapid access, the company's extensive portfolio effectively addresses gaps in its partners' product offerings in as little as four months. This achievement is facilitated by its vertically integrated approach encompassing design, engineering, manufacturing, quality management, regulatory compliance, clinical research, and MDR compliance.