Icon Group Announces Partnership with Sunsuria Healthcare

Friday, September 15, 2023

Icon Group has announced a new joint venture partnership with Sunsuria Healthcare, to deliver world-class cancer care services and addressing the accessibility gap in Malaysia.

Through this collaborative agreement, Icon Sunsuria is set to establish a network of cutting-edge cancer centres throughout Malaysia, achieved via strategic partnerships with local healthcare operators.

The strategic expansion of this network of cancer centres involves collaboration with local healthcare operators, doctors, and specialists across the entire nation. Through this partnership, patients will gain access to specialised cancer expertise, facilitating comprehensive cancer care and the latest in cutting-edge treatments.

This collaborative and comprehensive approach to cancer care, spanning from initial diagnosis to advanced treatment modalities, paves the way for the introduction of the most up-to-date world-class cancer care in the region.

Icon Sunsuria will enhance existing medical services by leveraging Icon Cancer Centre's long-standing excellence in oncology and its deep clinical expertise network. This will enable patients to access comprehensive cancer care and cutting-edge treatments.


Source: icongroup.global