Inspira™ Receives First U.S. Order for INSPIRA™ ART100 Systems

Friday, June 14, 2024

Inspira™ Technologies OXY B.H.N., an innovative medical technology company, today announced receiving its first purchase order from Glo-Med Networks, for its INSPIRA™ ART100 systems.

Five units are slated for shipment in the fourth quarter of 2024. The order also includes the possibility of purchasing an additional 20 systems, contingent on further agreement between Inspira and Glo-Med.

This initial shipment and the potential for future sales of the INSPIRA™ ART100 systems represent a key step in Inspira's growth strategy.

The company's focus is on the development of the INSPIRA™ ART (Gen 2), aimed at the $19 billion mechanical ventilator market with advanced technology that could eliminate the need for traditional mechanical ventilation.

Hospitals receiving the INSPIRA™ ART100 will be offered special terms to integrate the HYLA™ Blood Sensor and INSPIRA™ ART (Gen 2) devices, pending their development and regulatory approval.

"They are dedicated to advancing groundbreaking technologies. The INSPIRA™ ART100 marks an essential first step in building our market presence, setting the stage for the INSPIRA™ ART (Gen 2), which we believe has the potential to revolutionize the life support and mechanical ventilation market."

Inspira has initiated the commercial manufacturing of the INSPIRA™ ART100, with the first five units planned for delivery to Glo-Med, which distributes Inspira products in the U.S. These devices are intended for use in U.S. hospitals.