Mindray launches high-quality SV800 respirator in Vienna

Monday, September 25, 2017

Mindray announced today that it has officially launched its new generation S800 respirator. The new respirator was first exhibited at ESICM 2017 in Vienna.

The SV800 is a high quality respirator that features a 1080P HD widescreen, combines a UI with powerful tools and support modules. The SV800 allows clinicians to offer life support systems more easily and enjoy unprecedented operational freedom, gives them freedom to make decisions and freedom of connection in a frantic clinical environment.

"The SV800 is designed to bridge the gap in the high-quality intensive care market." Mindray has spent five years inventing this product that has clever features and original designs.It is the perfect combination of expert clinical physicians' intelligence and the industrial wisdom of Mindray, "said Mr. Yan Yongsheng director of Mindray's artificial respiration and anesthesia products.

The SV800 provides its users with an accurate 360-degree image and a flat UI that can be customized according to the user's usual activities. In addition to having a superb UI display and design, the SV800 provides operational freedom for clinicians with powerful features such as intuitive and dynamic PulmoSight ™ and graphical guidelines that help clinicians learn the state of respiration and improve operational efficiency.

The SV800, which has optional treatment modes and powerful support tools, gives you the freedom to make decisions and helps clinicians make informed decisions. Intelligent modes including AMV ™ + IntelliCycle ™ and CPRV ™ help clinicians address daily challenges. The SV800 also has enhanced features including dual-channel auxiliary pressure measurement and step-down support tool.

The SV800, which is an innovative and intelligent high-quality respirator, also provides users with freedom of connection with diversified modules including the integrated neonatal module, SpO 2 module and C600 backup air supply. In addition, the SV800 can be connected to the hospital information system.

For many years, Mindray has aimed to create innovative technologies in the field of respirators. Users can enjoy pioneering medical technology with this new respirator. The SV800 improves the user experience at a new level and is witness to Mindray's commitment to creating cutting-edge technology. Mindray will continue to advance medical technology to make medical care more accessible.

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