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Neuronetics Unveils Latest Version of TrakStar® Patient Data Management System

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Neuronetics, a medical technology company specializing in products for individuals with neurohealth disorders, has recently updated its TrakStar® Patient Data Management System. This system, which complies with HIPAA standards, is tailored for providers who utilize NeuroStar TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) to manage patient data and report treatment outcomes.

Cory Anderson, Neuronetics' Senior Vice President of Research and Development and Clinical, stressed the significance of healthcare providers having access to advanced technology to improve patient care processes. The upgraded features in TrakStar aim to simplify the tracking and documentation of patient status for both potential and existing patients.

The enhancements in the TrakStar system encompass various aspects:

Practices now have the capability to identify and filter potential patients based on the specific contact method through which they reached the practice. This enables practices to organize and manage patient information more efficiently.

Additionally, practices gain more flexibility with expanded methods for updating the status of potential patients. This adaptable approach helps streamline administrative tasks and improves the overall management of patient information.

TrakStar also empowers practices to identify the reasons behind the conclusion of treatment for existing and past patients, providing valuable insights into treatment outcomes. This feature aids in assessing the effectiveness of treatments and refining patient care processes.

Moreover, the system includes time-saving features designed to streamline administrative tasks. By automating certain processes, healthcare providers can focus more on direct patient care, enhancing the overall quality of patient interactions.

A notable feature in this TrakStar release is the enhanced Benefits Investigation report, which provides practices with estimates of patient financial responsibility before treatment initiation. This transparency allows practices to better inform patients about cost expectations from insurance providers during consultations.

In summary, these enhancements to the TrakStar system aim to improve communication within practices, increase visibility into patient information, and provide clearer financial details to patients undergoing NeuroStar TMS treatment.