Nox Health Acquires Somryst, the Only FDA-Cleared Digital Insomnia Treatment

Friday, May 26, 2023

Nox Health has acquired Somryst, the first FDA-cleared Prescription Digital Therapeutic (PDT) that delivers effective, first-line treatment for adults with chronic insomnia.

This acquisition deepens the Nox value-based healthcare programmes, as it seeks to reframe sleep as a critical and powerful intervention strategy for chronic health conditions management. Moreover, Somryst aligns seamlessly with Nox's mission of promoting science-based solutions that address chronic diseases through sleep care management.

Somryst represents a promising clinical modality for the treatment of adults with chronic insomnia receiving standard outpatient care.

Insomnia is a highly prevalent complaint associated with significant adverse health outcomes. CBT-I is recognised as the treatment of choice, but it remains underutilised due to lack of therapists with adequate CBT-I expertise.

By delivering CBT-I via a mobile application, Somryst offers health care providers a novel treatment delivery modality to enhance the treatment of chronic insomnia for patients who lack access to clinician-delivered CBT-I.