OSTAR launches First Cellular TeleHealth Blood Pressure System for CHF

Saturday, January 31, 2015

OSTAR Healthcare Technology, a Washington State Based TeleHealth Solutions company, announced the North American launch of yet another first in their Cellular TeleHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring System. This advanced chronic disease remote monitoring system, is committed to aiding in reduction of 30 day readmission rates for heart patients, in particular Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). According to Doug Hemenway, CEO, "This North American launch of OSTAR CELLULAR P201™ brings forth another market first, a unique cell enabled health device with a combined data gateway approach. With ability to use OSTAR health insurance card reader. The OSTAR P201, delivers more than real time remote blood pressure monitoring, it also provides data input gateway ability, accepting and transmitting other patient centered data from Glucometers, Weight Scales and all other vital signs devices. All OSTAR products reinforce OSTAR's commitment to advanced remote monitoring, reducing 30 Day Readmission Rates, in line with (CMS) edicts, improving patient outcomes, avoiding unnecessary costs, as required by Accountable Care Act (PPACA)."

OSTAR Healthcare Technology – P201™ Remote TeleHealth Blood Pressure Gateway System, provides a cellular device with combined mHealth Personal Dashboard app, seamlessly transmitting relevant data to Population Health Management Systems, Wellness Platforms, EMR's and HIE's, anywhere in the world. OSTAR Healthcare Technology – P201 Remote Cellular TeleHealth Blood Pressure Gateway System is the first Cellular P Series to be released. "Given the current transformation of healthcare in the United States, this simple cellular enabled, insurance card enabled, remote TeleHealth solution, has the potential to positively impact advanced chronic disease management outcomes. Furthermore, the concept will impact shared saving plans in Accountable Care Organizations, while also positively impacting health insurance indicators such as HEDIS, with regards to Medicare Advantage Star Rating programs," as stated by Dr Paul A. Markham, Chief Operating Officer OSTAR Healthcare Technology. The result is reduced cost to healthcare systems and the American healthcare consumer.


Source : http://finance.yahoo.com/