PathKeeper Surgical Marks First Spine Surgery with 3D Optical Navigation in Massachusetts

Friday, November 17, 2023

PathKeeper Surgical is an Israeli-based, privately-held medical technology company dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals globally grappling with various spinal issues requiring surgery. The company recently celebrated the inaugural use of its PathKeeper 3D optical navigation system during a spinal fusion surgery at Southcoast Health's St. Luke's Hospital in New Bedford, Massachusetts. PathKeeper Surgical is committed to making navigation-guided surgery accessible in all operating rooms.

The PathKeeper system played a crucial role in creating a comprehensive surgical plan and accurately guiding a single-level, lumbar degenerative spinal fusion surgery at Southcoast Health's St. Luke's Hospital. Notably, the system addresses the complexities of spine surgery, tailoring its approach to individual patient needs with a high degree of precision and without exposing patients to radiation during a critical phase of the surgical procedure.

The PathKeeper system was specifically designed to replace traditional navigation technology with its 3D optical navigation system, offering features such as comprehensive surgical planning, active submillimeter registration and tracking of patient anatomy and surgical instruments, pinpoint accuracy in device implantation, a more streamlined surgical workflow, elimination of radiation exposure during surgery, and a more cost-effective price point. This makes it feasible for both hospital and ambulatory-surgical center operating rooms to integrate this innovative technology.

PathKeeper Surgical positions its system as a game changer, promising improved clinical outcomes and economic value for both patients and healthcare providers. The company obtained FDA 510k clearance earlier this year for the PathKeeper system, demonstrating its compliance with regulatory standards. The name "PathKeeper" encapsulates the essence of the system, emphasizing its role in keeping the surgical path on course throughout the procedure.

The successful application of the PathKeeper system in a spinal fusion surgery at St. Luke's Hospital underscores its practical utility in real-world medical settings, affirming the company's commitment to advancing access to cutting-edge medical technologies.