PENTAX Medical Launches New Slim Linear Ultrasound Endoscope

Thursday, August 10, 2017

PENTAX Medical Company, a healthcare industry leader in endoscopic imaging, announced the U.S. launch of the Slim Linear Ultrasound Endoscope (EG-3270UK), the company's newest ultrasound endoscope.

The Slim Linear features the latest in transducer design and ultrasound imaging technology bundled into the company's slimmest linear GI echoendoscope available today. A slimmer insertion tube, a smaller distal end, and a shorter bending section help endoscopists access and visualize hard to reach anatomy for a wider range of patients.

"The Slim Linear combines precision Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) with excellent ultrasound image quality in our smallest GI echoendoscope. This unique combination sets a new standard in endoscopic ultrasound for everyday practice and for a wide range of procedures," said Clark Barousse, President, PENTAX Medical, Americas.

Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) procedures enable doctors to obtain images and information about the digestive tract as well as surrounding tissue and organs for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

"I prefer the Slim Linear for luminal cancer staging, because it is an EUS scope that can do it all in one shot: evaluate the stricture, negotiate the stricture, dilate, stage and FNA," said Dr. Anand Sahai, Professor of Medicine and Chief of Gastroenterology at Hôpital Saint Luc, Montréal, Canada. "Most impressively, the image quality of the Slim Linear is exceptional."

In addition to the Slim Linear, which is now available globally, PENTAX Medical continues a market-leading partnership with Hitachi in EUS that delivers astonishing image quality and state-of-the-art technologies, including radial and therapeutic linear ultrasound endoscopes, Real-time Tissue Elastography (HI-RTE), and EBUS-guided trans-bronchial needle aspiration (TBNA).