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Radformation and Icon Group Forge Alliance to Revolutionize Cancer Treatment and Workflows

Monday, February 12, 2024

Radformation, a leading provider of radiation oncology software solutions, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Icon Group, a global leader in comprehensive cancer care. This collaboration brings together two innovative companies dedicated to transforming cancer treatment and workflows.

Icon Group is renowned for its commitment to delivering exceptional cancer treatment and patient care worldwide. With a network of advanced cancer centers, compounding facilities, and research services, Icon Group aims to address the global cancer burden by providing high-quality care to patients in their local communities. This commitment aligns well with Radformation's mission.

As a pioneer in radiation oncology software, Radformation offers innovative solutions that simplify treatment planning and quality assurance workflows. These solutions empower radiation oncology teams to create personalized treatment plans efficiently and accurately, leading to improved treatment outcomes and patient experiences.

The partnership will initially focus on introducing AutoContour, Radformation's AI-driven contouring solution, which includes 200 structure models and robust toolsets for pre-treatment planning. Additionally, Radformation's RadMachine platform, a cloud-based solution, will streamline machine quality assurance processes to ensure the safety and optimal performance of treatment delivery systems and imaging technology.

Together, Radformation and Icon Group aim to enhance workflow efficiency, increase treatment accuracy, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.