Rapid Medical Receives CE Mark for TIGERTRIEVER(TM) XL

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Rapid Medical, a company focused on the development of next generation neurovascular devices, has announced that it received CE Mark for TIGERTRIEVER XL. In addition, the first patients have been treated successfully with the device.

The TIGERTRIEVER family of stentrievers are the first-ever adjustable, fully visible clot retrievers designed to treat ischemic stroke. Thousands of patients have been successfully treated with TIGERTRIEVER to date. TIGERTRIEVER XL is the newest addition to the portfolio. Its adjustable diameter can conform to any vessel diameter up to 9mm and at 53mm in length, it is the largest and the longest stentriever available. Although significantly larger than other similar devices on the market, it is easily delivered via a standard microcatheter with an internal diameter of 0.021".

"TIGERTRIEVER XL is a very important addition to the ischemic stroke market," said Dr. Sebastian Fischer, a senior Interventional Neuroradiologist at Bochum University Hospital, Germany. "For the first time, we have a tool that can be adjusted to these dimensions and is dedicated to retrieve large clot loads. This is an important addition to our current tool set, since it can potentially reduce the number of passes required to remove large stroke-causing clots, for example, in the internal carotid artery."

Ronen Eckhouse, CEO of Rapid Medical commented on the first clinical experience with TIGERTRIEVER XL: "TIGERTRIEVER XL is another example of our powerful technology that adjusts to the vessel diameter for full clot removal in the treatment large vessel occlusion. TIGERTRIEVER XL compliments TIGERTRIEVER 13, the smallest stentriever available today, and the only stentriever indicated for distal vessel occlusion. The TIGERTRIEVER portfolio now allows surgeons to treat ischemic stroke in the majority of vessels where it occurs."