RSNA's 2023 Annual Meeting will witness the culmination of a strategic collaboration as AIRS Medical and Strategic Radiology formalize their partnership agreement

Friday, November 17, 2023

AIRS Medical, a leading provider of AI-powered healthcare solutions, has formalized an extensive partnership with Strategic Radiology (SR), an expanding coalition comprising 37 independent local radiology practices, collectively owned by their members and housing over 1700 radiologists. This collaboration extends access for Strategic Radiology's member practices to SwiftMR™, AIRS Medical's innovative AI-powered MRI enhancement solution.

SwiftMR™ utilizes advanced deep learning technology to enhance MRI image quality, offering the capability to reduce MRI scan times by up to 50%. It employs AI-powered denoising and sharpening techniques for improved image quality. Recently granted FDA-510(k) clearance, SwiftMR™ now covers all body parts and image types, enabling SR member practices to expedite scan times without compromising quality. This partnership ensures a streamlined delivery of SwiftMR™ to member practices and provides an opportunity to assess its operational efficacy in diverse clinical environments.

Furthermore, the collaboration aims to generate genuine evidence regarding the adoption of AI technology in routine clinical settings. AIRS Medical is set to initiate a use case study that evaluates the clinical efficacy, operational efficiency, and economic value of SwiftMR™ within SR member practices. Recognizing the challenge posed by the imbalance between imaging demands and available personnel, especially in the context of deep-learning-based solutions, this partnership reflects a proactive approach to address these concerns.