Siemens Healthineers introduces new mobile magnetic resonance imaging scanner Magnetom Viato.Mobile

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Siemens Healthineers is now presenting Magnetom Viato.Mobile, its latest MRI scanner optimized for mobile use and featuring a patient bore of 70 centimeters. "With Magnetom Viato.Mobile, we plan to offer the most powerful innovations at 1.5 Tesla for mobile use. Installed in a trailer setup to provide greater flexibility in deploying MR imaging, the scanner can easily be taken from one place to the next or stay at the customer’s site for longer use. For example, the solution can help with screening programs in underserved regions – it’s not the patient coming to the scanner, but the other way around," says Arthur Kaindl, Head of Magnetic Resonance Imaging at Siemens Healthineers.

Operation and service of Magnetom Viato.Mobile can be done remotely via a fixed internet or, if needed, via a 4G connection. This means that the system can be used almost anywhere, while experts – when required – can provide support from another location during two crucial steps: performing the scan and maintaining the system. This means that fewer staff are needed on site, specialists can work from home and service technicians can take exactly the right spare part with them when they deploy for maintenance.

Medical service providers like RAYUS Radiology in the United States offer devices such as Magnetom Viato.Mobile in a mobile configuration for clinics and other diagnostic imaging providers to support with tailored MR services. "At RAYUS, we are excited about this next generation of mobile MRI. This scanner allows us to offer healthcare providers the latest technology and advancements in MR imaging. It gives us at RAYUS more flexibility to provide our short- and long-term partners with tailored MR solution–whether it’s a temporary placement during building conversions or a long-term solution. Our goal is to ensure our partners, patients and referring providers across the country have access to the highest quality images." says Kim Tzoumakas, CEO at RAYUS Radiology.

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