Stimwave Announces Expansive Partnership With Kairuku

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Stimwave LLC, a leader in wireless medical device technology and the developer of the world’s first wireless pain relief systems, the Freedom spinal cord stimulator and the StimQ peripheral nerve stimulator, has announced a strategic partnership with Kairuku, an innovator in the field of medical product distribution with the industry’s largest network of point-of-care, “in-room” representatives.

As demand for Stimwave’s Wireless Pain Relief® technology soars, the alliance enables Stimwave to leverage Kairuku’s breakthrough infrastructure platform and established relationships in the medical field to expand delivery and support for its revolutionary implantable devices to clinicians, surgery centers and hospitals across the country.

“We are excited about creating more accessibility and support for Stimwave’s technology for the millions of patients who so desperately need it,” said Stimwave CEO and Chairman Laura Tyler Perryman. “Kairuku’s extensive network will be extremely beneficial in providing the necessary infrastructure and support for this new technology to provide an effective means to assist clinicians at the point of treatment across the country.”

“Implantable, wireless pain relief is an important advancement in the treatment of pain for patients who are not willing candidates for extensive operative procedures or who do not respond well to standalone therapeutic modalities,” said Kairuku founder John J. Pacifico. “As we think about companies we want to partner with to help catalyze their product deployment and adoption, Stimwave, with its proprietary MicroStim™ technology, is an obvious choice. We look forward to helping Stimwave build its point-of-care sales force and deliver its solutions to millions of patients in need.”

Kairuku, headquartered in Greenwich, Connecticut, is a marketplace software company with a proprietary platform that can connect medical companies to the world’s largest network of point-of-care representatives whose well-established physician relationships extend within and across all specialties and operating divisions. With support representatives throughout the country, Kairuku’s technology will enable Stimwave to deliver its products and support patients and point-of-care surgery centers and hospital across the country.

In addition to its extensive network of representatives, Kairuku provides a proprietary, easy-to-use mobile and desktop application, a dynamic and flexible platform with a unique product identification system. The company has also designed proprietary commission structures to encourage sales representatives to work cooperatively, ensuring quality control. This system provides unprecedented transparency into representatives’ productivity and seamlessly integrates with legacy IT/CRM systems.

Embraced by pain specialists throughout the world, Stimwave’s drug-free, breakthrough remedy offers new hope to the more than 400 million people worldwide who suffer from chronic low back and leg and general pain of a peripheral origin. Stimwave’s advanced Wireless Pain Relief™ technology provides a product that is five percent of the overall implantable size of other marketed pain neuromodulation options and is simply implanted through a minimally invasive outpatient procedure.


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