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SwiftMR™ Launches in ANZ Market: AIRS Medical and ParagonCare Join Forces for MRI Innovation

Monday, February 19, 2024

AIRS Medical, a leader in AI-driven healthcare solutions, has recently partnered with ParagonCare Limited (ASX: PGC), a prominent provider of healthcare technology and equipment across Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. This collaboration aims to leverage ParagonCare's extensive distribution network and sales processes to boost the adoption of AIRS Medical's flagship product, SwiftMR™, in the Australian market.

SwiftMR™ is a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance MRI image quality using advanced deep learning technology. It can significantly reduce MRI scan times by up to 50% while improving image clarity through AI-powered denoising and sharpening techniques.

The product, which is FDA-510(k)-cleared, is compatible with MRI scanners of 3.0T or lower from all manufacturers and supports all body parts and pulse sequences.
One of the key advantages of SwiftMR™ is its ability to enhance MRI productivity without requiring changes to existing workflows or the purchase of new MRI scanners. Through this strategic partnership, AIRS Medical aims to accelerate the market entry of SwiftMR™ across Australia and New Zealand by leveraging local sales teams and dedicated customer support infrastructure.

The success of SwiftMR™ can be attributed to its ability to provide tailored services that meet the specific needs of healthcare providers in the region. This partnership underscores both companies' commitment to improving patient experiences and optimizing healthcare workflows through innovative technology solutions.