Vicarious Surgical Announces Cleanroom Qualification for Manufacturing of the Vicarious System

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Vicarious Surgical, Inc., a next-generation robotics company seeking to improve the cost, efficiency, and outcomes of surgical procedures, today announced qualification of its cleanroom for manufacturing of the Vicarious System.

The cleanroom substantially augments the company’s existing capabilities by providing an environmentally controlled and easily expandable space for precision assembly. Through rigorous testing, the qualification process ensures the space meets stringent efficiency and quality criteria. Cleanroom qualification is an essential step in the manufacturing process for the Vicarious System.

“Our commitment to improving patient outcomes, increasing the efficiency of surgical procedures, and reducing healthcare costs drives everything we do – and that commitment starts with a safe, quality-controlled manufacturing process before the Vicarious System reaches the operating room,” said Adam Sachs, CEO and co-founder of Vicarious Surgical. “Completing our cleanroom facility ensures we are prepared to develop and finalize our system safely, a critical milestone on our path to bringing our solution to market.”

The Vicarious System is designed with a focus on abdominal access and visualization to perform surgical procedures through a single port, offering surgeons unprecedented visualization, surgical site access, and ease of use to enable more consistent and precise procedures, faster patient recoveries, and ultimately better outcomes. The system is portable and can be moved from one operating room to another.

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