Vivify Health Awarded Patent for Extending EMRs with Digital Health

Friday, April 21, 2017

Vivify Health, the pioneer and market leader of remote care via mobile devices, has been awarded a very significant patent for the advancement of healthcare delivery from episodic care via EMRs to continual care via digital health.  This landmark patent provides the company with broad protection of key intellectual property and further secures Vivify's position as the leader in remote care.

Vivify, launched in 2009, was the first company to apply consumer mobile devices, wireless biometrics, EMR integration and virtual visits to deliver care remotely.  Since that time, Vivify has been deployed in 4 out of the 5 largest health systems and numerous other customers representing over 700 hospitals and payers.  Vivify was also recently awarded a VA Home Telehealth contract to help deliver the best care possible to our veterans.

Vivify's new patent, US9619849, is the third awarded of six highly innovative digital health applications over five years.  It represents the first digital health patent that encompasses the entire end-to-end ecosystem, including risk stratification via EMR and billing data; customizable patient health plans; engagement via mobile devices; education via rich media; remote monitoring via biometric devices; and real-time caregiver alerts and intervention via dashboards.

"We are thrilled to be awarded this extensive digital health patent.  It is the most important in our portfolio and perhaps the most significant in the industry." says Eric Rock, Vivify's CEO and Founder.  He continued, "With this patent, we can assure that our unique differentiation from basic patient engagement and remote monitoring systems remains protected."

Vivify's intuitive and flexible platform and multiple modalities of patient engagement, coupled with its strong intellectual property, enables payers to participate in broadly-scaled care management partnerships, health systems to engage and improve outcomes for every discharged patient, physicians to oversee patients remotely and qualify for CMS initiatives like Chronic Care Management, and the provider ecosystem has the ability to deliver continual care to anyone anywhere.