AMC establishes Korea’s First Multidisciplinary Treatment for Cutaneous Lymphoma

Thursday, September 14, 2023

The AMC Cancer Institute became the first in Korea to establish a multidisciplinary cutaneous lymphoma treatment system. This pioneering initiative is now in operation, dedicated to addressing the needs of patients afflicted with this challenging condition. The Multidisciplinary Cutaneous Lymphoma Team, consisting of medical professionals from relevant departments such as Dermatology, Oncology, Radiation Oncology, and Pathology, comes together at the AMC Cancer Institute. Their goal is to quickly determine the most effective and personalized treatment approach for difficult-to-treat patients with advanced cutaneous lymphoma. The team comprises the following experts: Professor Mi Woo Lee and Professor Woo Jin Lee from Dermatology, Professor Dok Hyun Yoon and Professor Hyungwoo Cho from Oncology, Professor Si Yeol Song from Radiation Oncology, and Professor Chan-Sik Park from Pathology.

Cutaneous lymphoma occurs when skin lymphocytes, the body’s immune cells, turn malignant. However, it is occasionally misdiagnosed as eczema, psoriasis, or atopic dermatitis, mainly because the condition is unfamiliar to medical staff due to its rarity. Treatment options like ultraviolet light or topical therapies can be highly effective when it is diagnosed at an early stage. However, if the treatment is not made timely due to misdiagnosis, malignant lymphocytes in the skin may spread to other lymph nodes, aggravating the patient's condition to require chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

The Multidisciplinary Cutaneous Lymphoma Team can quickly establish an optimal treatment plan tailored to the patient’s condition because relevant medical professionals come together in one location to treat the patient. Additionally, the team offers patients the convenience of receiving comprehensive explanations about the customized treatment approach in a single visit, sparing them the need to make multiple trips to various medical specialists.


Source: eng.amc.seoul.kr