American Rheumatology Network launches ARN Clinical Research, a Patient Centric and Real-World Technology Unit Dedicated to Transforming Rheumatology Trials and Care

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

American Rheumatology Network (ARN) today launched ARN Clinical Research to transform drug development efforts in rheumatology research in partnership with Trio Health, a leading real-world technology solutions provider.  This technology-driven solution will unite the power of the ARN network with Trio's proven data management technologies to develop an integrated clinical research ecosystem which will enable manufactures to achieve their goals for delivering patient-centric treatment approaches that align with current unmet needs.

"At ARN, we recognize that most of the patient care occurs in the community setting. Clinical research is critical in this setting to properly represent the patient journey and voice, and to advance the standard of care in the community," said Michael Cooper, ARN's chief executive officer, ARN. "The launch of this dedicated unit builds on ARN's long standing commitment and history in community rheumatology and clinical research. By tapping into the largest rheumatology network in the US, ARN Clinical Research has amassed a set of game-changing capabilities to support manufacturers' drug development efforts in the fight to transform rheumatologic diseases."

ARN Clinical Research is uniquely positioned to be the catalyst for growth, innovation, and evolution in rheumatology research and care through its direct connection to the rheumatology practices integrated through its MDX Platform, a sophisticated technology platform that enables manufactures rapid access to over 35+ physician practices and real-time patient experiences, symptoms, and understanding for the effectiveness of therapies.  Such deep insights fuel opportunity for manufacturers to have a clear view for the patient symptomatic therapy to support clinical strategy (protocol, endpoints, label expansion, and regulatory) and clinical trial execution to bring new and targeted treatment options with different mechanisms of action to patients who may benefit with improve outcomes.

ARN Clinical Research's leadership has been involved in clinical trials for over 25 years and has conducted over 1,500 rheumatology trials led by highly experienced team consisting of a scientific steering committee of rheumatologists, data scientists to generate evidence-based insights, and a dedicated and experienced clinical operations team that employs a collaborative approach and process driven methodology to accelerate the execution of studies.  This centralized unit is built to be smarter, faster, and better equipped to deploy exciting new clinical research models including decentralized and hybrid trials, pragmatic trials, and synthetic arms.

"As treatment continues to evolve towards precision medicine, how we treat chronic conditions like rheumatologic diseases must also change," said Ramita Tandon, Trio Health's chief operating officer. "Harnessing the power of patients' experiences in a real-world setting to advance clinical research requires a different approach than the traditional R&D business model.  ARN Clinical Research does that, and can account for the intrinsic unpredictability of research results by bringing the power of the patient voice to the forefront while still leveraging new forms of technology and hands-on clinical trial experience to run numerous programs in a more efficient and agile fashion."

ARN Clinical Research will deliver services to support the entire product lifecycle including physician advisory boards, rapid start up for clinical trials, patient recruitment, data management, analytics, and commercial analytics to support targeted engagement tactics.

"As a rheumatologist within the ARN network with deep personal experience leading a number of ongoing clinical rheumatology trials within our large community practice, I am excited to collaborate with all the ARN Clinical Research to leverage evidence-driven care to drive better patient outcomes," said Nehad Soloman, director of research at Arizona Arthritis and Rheumatology Associates. "The ability of a practice to quickly ascertain feasibility and scope of participation with ARN Clinical Research analytics will be a game changer in clinical research."

About American Rheumatology Network

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About Trio Health

Trio Health's mission is to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes by coordinating the efforts of all patient care stakeholders. Their first-of-its-kind Multi-Disease Platform (MDX) tracks patients throughout the course of their treatment, giving biopharmaceutical companies, specialty pharmacies, and physicians access to information and opportunities that simply don't exist elsewhere. Learn more at

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