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ASP Japan Llc Significantly Expands Sterilization Monitoring Product Portfolio

Monday, November 20, 2023

On November 20, 2023, ASP Japan LLC, a leading company in the field of infection control, brings to market a new portfolio of products for sterilization monitoring for autoclaving. announced that it would be introduced.

As infection control professionals, ASP Japan LLC contributes to improving the quality of sterilization assurance and operational efficiency by providing world-class comprehensive sterilization monitoring solutions for all sterilization methods.

The new product portfolio offers biological and chemical monitoring for autoclaving, as well as new traceability solutions that meet ISO and FDA global standards.

  • BIOTRACE™ AutoReader: Strengthen compliance through printing of judgment results and cloud management
  • BIOTRACE™ Biological Indicator: Improving operational efficiency with the industry's fastest determination time and collaboration with traceability solutions
  • VERISURE™ Chemical Indicators: Easier and faster sterilization monitoring with clear judgments

ASP Japan LLC, which has outstanding experience in the sterilization field, will support the reprocessing of medical equipment and improve the quality of sterilization assurance by providing new sterilization monitoring related products through the expansion of its product portfolio. We will continue to improve business efficiency.

About ASP Japan LLC

As a leading company in the "cleaning/disinfection" and "sterilization" fields, ASP Japan LLC continues to create an environment where we can provide safe and secure medical care through innovative products and services.

"Protecting patients in their most important moments" - all ASP employees involved in this mission never stop moving forward, always challenging the status quo to solve our customers' problems. .

ASP has a history of innovation in low temperature sterilization and high-level disinfection. Developed STERAD™ , the world's first hydrogen peroxide gas plasma sterilization system . STERAD™ pursues improved safety and shortened sterilization time as a low-temperature sterilizer, and since it operates only on electricity, it is a sterilizer that is strong in the event of an earthquake. As a market leader in the low temperature sterilizer market, we offer innovative products and services.

In the field of high-level disinfection , we have developed Disoper™, which improves safety, shortens disinfection time, and is easy to use.As a brand leader in the field of high-level disinfection, we have developed Disoper™, a flexible endoscope washer disinfector . We are contributing to improving the quality and efficiency of flexible endoscope reprocessing.


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