Canon Medical Launches New, Advanced Productivity 1.5T MRI System to Accelerate Workflows

Monday, November 29, 2021

Canon Medical today unveiled the Vantage Fortian - a new, advanced productivity, open bore 1.5T MRI system – at RSNA 2021. The new system features innovative workflow solutions, image enhancement and accelerated scan technology, which together, can contribute to reducing the time required for MRI procedures.

 Moving ahead

Featuring a mobile interface that allows remote monitoring and seamless data integration, and in-room scan assist technology that automatically checks coils and correct patient position, Vantage Fortian is designed to get patients moving from waiting-room to scan-room to home.

“Vantage Fortian was developed specifically with workflow and productivity in mind,” remarked Akira Adachi, General Manager, MRI Systems Division at Canon Medical. “We have closely observed and listened to radiologists and technologists who face the challenges of ever-increasing patient loads, increasingly complex patient and healthcare system needs, and limited or reduced resources. Everyone recognizes that MRI scans generally take longer and require a more complex workflow than other modalities. So, our engineers have been focused on finding solutions that can really meet today’s new demands and ensure that MRI facilities and their patients can move more and wait less.”

Advanced AI technology

In line with the recent release of Altivity - Canon’s bold new approach to AI innovation that uses smart technologies, the Vantage Fortian incorporates machine learning and deep learning technology that enhances image quality by removing noise and restoring SNR, automates many scan procedures, and confirms set-up steps to save time and reduce errors.

The Vantage Fortian uses Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE), which leverages deep learning reconstruction (DLR) technology to remove noise and restore SNR to MRI images.

“AiCE is the world’s first DLR technology for MRI that produces clear and distinct images,” commented Mr. Adachi. “It has already become an essential tool for specialists around the world in visualizing fine anatomical detail to enable subtle clinical findings.”

In addition, with compressed sensing and parallel imaging accelerated scan technologies, Canon has incorporated solutions in Vantage Fortian to address challenges that occur across the entire MRI diagnostic workflow.

Wider prospects

With the release of the Vantage Fortian, Canon Medical now offers a comprehensive range of open bore 1.5T MRI systems to meet every customer need in the growing 1.5T MR market segment.

Other systems in the range, such as the Vantage Orian – Canon’s open bore 1.5T system, will also soon have the new solutions featured in the Vantage Fortian. And Canon plans to expand the offer further to systems within their 3T MR portfolio, pending applicable regulatory approval.

“We continually innovate to meet the evolving needs of healthcare professionals and enable them to deliver the best solutions to patients,” said Mr. Adachi. “One of the most valuable contributions that we can provide in today’s challenging healthcare environment is to bring new tools, like the Vantage Fortian, to the table that enhance workflow and productivity.”

Find out more about the new Vantage Fortian

After deciding as a company to not have a physical presence at RSNA due to ongoing concerns about COVID-19, Vantage Fortian will be presented to the RSNA community as part of Canon Medical’s virtual gallery and digital experience.

Canon Medical’s virtual gallery will be open from November 26 and encompasses a unique, digital presence that can be navigated alone, or with a Canon representative to assist.

*Vantage Fortian and Canon Workflow solutions are pending FDA approval and future availability cannot be guaranteed.

Vantage Fortian, Vantage Orian, Vantage Galan, Altivity and Made for Life are trademarks of Canon Medical Systems Corporation.

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