Colleen McFarlane Appointed CEO Of Radiology Protocols

Friday, July 29, 2016

IOWA CITY, Iowa--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Radiology Protocols, the leader in protocol management for medical imaging devices, today announced that Colleen McFarlane has been appointed company CEO, further enhancing the company’s operational and strategic management experience and capacity.

McFarlane’s strong operations background will help to drive and direct Radiology Protocols' strategic growth as the company continues to solidify its place as the most influential platform for radiology protocols in the market. Her organizational skills will allow company founder Stephen Baker to focus fully on product design, development and marketing. McFarlane’s primary responsibilities will be managing the organic growth of the company by further developing the sales infrastructure, continuously implementing process improvement, and nurturing the corporate culture of the dynamic, young company.

She joins having served as an executive at healthcare IT company U.S. Preventive Medicine, which focuses on population health management strategies. As Vice President of Client Relations, McFarlane’s primary responsibilities included serving as the client point of contact and interface, overseeing all non-clinical functions related to client services, and formulating and executing population health management strategies that achieved client participation and satisfaction goals. In addition, she oversaw the support functions of implementation, reporting, and special issues resolution conducted by the Client Management Team.

Prior to that McFarlane was the National Sales Manager– Long-term Care for Guldmann, Inc., where she drove sales of professional services and equipment within that industry. She created a framework for a new sales division focused on broadening the Long-term Care client base, researched, developed and began implementation of a detailed five-year strategic plan that worked to attain desired milestones, identified multiple budget centers to drive projected revenue of $2.5 million per year, and forecasted consumer behavioral trends. Her effectiveness helped Guldmann, Inc. to build a stronger market position. Prior to that position, McFarlane was Select Accounts Manager for Guldmann, where she forged third-party alliances to enhance the Strategic Business Partner Network, increasing value-added professional service offerings to clients. She received a BA in Biology from Wells College.

“Colleen brings broad and considerable skills and this is very valuable to Radiology Protocols as we move forward. We’re eager to have her lead our team and provide an even more refined operational framework, market strategy, and manage our rapid growth,” said Stephen Baker, Founder and President of Radiology Protocols.

"I am particularly excited about the solutions that we are bringing to the market that are unique to Radiology Protocols,” said McFarlane. “The way that RP is positioned in the field of protocol management is unique because our product was built from the technologists' point of view. The products are thoughtfully designed to improve the lives of the technologists, provide standardization across institutions, and impact patient outcomes. I believe along with our team that connecting people to best practices in the form of protocols will improve health care."

Since its inception, Radiology Protocols has had a significant impact in radiology departments by enabling more consistent, high quality imaging procedures. This enhanced throughput is based on speeding examination times, reducing repeat studies call backs and other inefficiencies that waste time and financial resources. It also offers protocols for patient safety by ensuring radiation dose levels are appropriate. Radiology Protocol’s platform is vendor agnostic allowing customers to utilize the system across different equipment modalities and vendor platforms.

About Radiology Protocols

Radiology Protocols is a healthcare IT services company which has developed a suite of products squarely focused on revolutionizing radiology department workflow. The company provides a cloud-based platform that helps healthcare organizations meet and comply with the many mandates, laws, and regulations that have started and will continue to implement over the next year. Radiology Protocols helps customers document, organize, tailor, and share their best practices for imaging procedures seamlessly and instantly over their entire network

Standardizing imaging guidelines that conform to the local imaging and regulatory environment in a hosted system improves communication, saves time, money, and improves patient care.