HealthPay24® Partners with Matrix Imaging Solutions to Bring a Collaborative Patient Experience to the Healthcare Industry

Monday, February 22, 2021

HealthPay24 and Matrix Imaging Solutions are partnering to strengthen their patient engagement processes in the healthcare industry. HealthPay24, an all-in-one patient payment solution, will collaborate with Matrix Imaging, a healthcare communications company, to offer customers a stronger, more cohesive experience for their patients.

"Our partnership with Matrix Imaging Solutions allows us to offer our customers a comprehensive payment solution and better engagement model with patients. Many healthcare facilities haven't implemented a payment platform that helps collect payments in a timely fashion. Our platform, integrated with Matrix Imaging Solution's communication tools, allows a hospital or healthcare facility greater flexibility to remind patients when a payment is due and offers multiple payment methods," says Fred Sheffield, Chief Revenue Officer at HealthPay24.

"The Matrix and HealthPay24 partnership enhances consumer responsiveness and lowers collection costs - linking up with HealthPay24 makes sense. We have similar missions – create an industry-leading customer experience and engagement model for our customers' patients. This partnership enables healthcare facilities to save money by offering their patients faster and more comprehensive options to pay," says Brian Snyder, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Matrix Imaging Solutions, LLC.

HealthPay24 is a twenty-year veteran in the healthcare industry, offering an all-in-one consumer payment platform designed to help you create trust with your patients externally while operating more efficiently internally.

Matrix Imaging Solutions specializes in physical mail, automation, and electronic communications in the Healthcare Vertical.. By offering comprehensive, integrated solutions, Matrix improves your business efficiencies and maximizes your targeted growth.

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