Kick-off of 2nd China International Silver Industry Exhibition

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Co-hosted by the China Silver Industry Association and China Poly Group Corporation, the 2nd China International Silver Industry Exhibition ("SIC") will be held from November 6th to 8th 2015 at the Poly World Trade Center Expo in Guangzhou. It is expected that the scale of this new session will double that of the first session and that the exhibition will cover an area of up to 22,000 square meters, welcoming 300 exhibitors and approximately 30,000 professional visitors. It will also serve as an ideal platform for renowned international brands to enter the Chinese elderly care industry market.

Leading well-known enterprises actively joining the exhibition

As the largest international event in the elderly care industry in the South China Region, the inaugural SIC held last October received high praise and was received accolades from within the industry. Well-known local and foreign enterprises benefited significantly from the exhibition and expressed their willingness to participate in the 2nd SIC, including Yongai (Guangdong), Pine Tree Care, Newplan (Shenzhen), France Bed (Japan), Qingdao Haier and Oasis (U.S.). As the "snowball" effect of the 1st SIC builds momentum, the second session will attract even greater attention.

With the registration of a large number of well-known local and foreign enterprises, the 2nd SIC will take advantage of a "convergence effect" of interlinked brands to showcase the latest scientific and technological progress in the global elderly care industry, with focus on the five major areas of: real estate for the elderly care and related building components and design plans, rehabilitation, nursing, medical health products and services, information intelligence services for the elderly, food, pharmaceuticals and health care products for the elderly, and insurance, finance and living services for the elderly.  

Uncovering new opportunities for industry growth

SIC will utilize its own powerful capabilities to integrate existing resources with a continuous focus on inviting major brand buyers. This will be in conjunction with a renewed push to invite elderly care institutions, community service organizations for the elderly care, builders, design institutes and planning institutes of real estate for the elderly care, and investment institutions for the elderly care, reaching out to additional resources in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and other health organizations and associations for the disabled. In addition, further exploration will be made into  retailer resources such as authorized dealers, pharmacies and brand chain stores, with the aim of supporting the enterprises in seizing upon new market opportunities.