Koning Health's Revolutionary Vera Breast CT Impresses at Arab Health in Dubai

Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Koning Health, a pioneer in advanced medical imaging technology, is proud to announce the successful showcasing of the Koning Vera Breast CT at the prestigious Arab Health exhibition in Dubai. Service provider, Unison Capital Investments, expertly presented the groundbreaking capabilities of this state-of-the-art breast imaging system, capturing the attention of healthcare professionals and industry leaders from around the globe.

The Koning Vera Breast CT (KBCT), designed for unparalleled accuracy in breast cancer detection, represents a significant leap forward in women's health. With its unique ability to provide true 3D images of the breast without compression, it offers a more comfortable and less invasive experience for patients while providing clinicians with high-resolution images crucial for early diagnosis and treatment planning.

At Arab Health - the largest gathering of healthcare and trade professionals in the MENA region – KBCT stood out for its innovative design and potential to revolutionize breast cancer imaging. Sr. Medical Imaging Application Specialist, Melika Bankipour of Unison Capital Investments, engaged with a diverse audience, demonstrating the system's ease of use, patient comfort, and exceptional diagnostic capabilities.

Rajaa Younes – Marketing Manager at MEDIN, the holding company of Unison Capital Investments stated: "In the dynamic realm of healthcare innovation, we proudly unveiled the Koning Vera Breast CT at Arab Health, capturing the attention of industry professionals. The technology sparked a queue of inquisitive minds, reflecting our commitment to pioneering groundbreaking solutions." Younes continued, "as the first to introduce this cutting-edge technology to the region, we stand dedicated to providing women with accurate, pain-free experiences—an earnest token of our appreciation for women's well-being."

Naomi Cosman, Head of Marketing at Koning, expressed excitement over the reception of the Koning device: "We are thrilled to see such interest and enthusiasm from healthcare professionals at Arab Health. This event has been a fantastic platform to showcase how the Koning Vera Breast CT can change the future of breast cancer detection and reinforce our commitment to advancing women's health."

Koning extends its gratitude to Unison for their outstanding representation and to the organizers of Arab Health for a successful event. "We look forward to continuing our journey in transforming breast cancer diagnostics and improving patient outcomes worldwide," says Cosman.

About Koning: Koning is a global Health Technology company focused on improving the breast imaging industry with its patented Koning Vera Breast CT (KBCT). Koning's vision is to create a revolution in medical imaging through advanced computed tomography technology that dramatically improves the way clinicians visualize and evaluate breast tissue. The KBCT is expected to optimize early disease detection, diagnosis, intervention, and treatment, and will improve survival rates for millions of patients worldwide. For more information, please visit Koning's website or email Koning at info@koningcorporation.com

Source: prnewswire.com