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Kroger Health and Gravity Diagnostics Partner to Offer 3-in-1 Multiplex Testing at all Kroger Little Clinics

Friday, January 21, 2022

Gravity Diagnostics’ 3-in-1 multiplex tests for flu A/B, RSV, and COVID-19 combined, to help differentiate these three types of infections in respiratory specimens. As part of a nationwide expansion across Kroger’s 224 Little Clinics, Gravity Diagnostics will perform the 3-in-1 multiplex test and provide convenient and accurate results to the public.

“We hope to continue controlling the spread of COVID-19 while knowing we are now in peak flu and RSV season. Flu A/B, RSV, and COVID-19 have similar symptoms, so it is important, especially during flu season, for you to have confidence in your testing and receive the right test at the right time,” said Tony Remington, CEO and co-founder of Gravity Diagnostics.

The convenient 3-in-1 multiplex test allows the consumer to test for 3 viruses with only one swab collection. Once you receive your results, the multiplex test can help health care providers know which targeted treatments and supportive care is the right choice for you.

“Partnerships are a key part of our success at Kroger Health, and we could not ask for a better partner than Gravity Diagnostics. Since the pandemic began, we have sought to bring the best COVID-19 testing options to our patients. We are excited to announce a new testing option that not only tests for SARS-CoV-2, but also includes influenza A/B and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in one swab. As a mother and provider, I am grateful that we now offer this option to our customers as symptoms are so similar,” said Meggen M. Brown, MSN, FNP-BC, Chief Nursing Officer and National Health and Wellness Clinical Director at Kroger Health Little Clinic.

According to Kroger Health President, Colleen Lindholz, “Gravity Diagnostics’ 3-in-1 multiplex is another way we are expanding partnerships and our portfolio in the wellness, proactive health and longevity initiatives at Kroger Health. We look forward to expanding convenient care services across our network of pharmacies where we can, as well.”

About Gravity Diagnostics 

Gravity Diagnostics is a state-of-the-art CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified laboratory licensed in all 50 states providing innovative laboratory testing in the areas of COVID-19, upper respiratory, toxicology, pharmacogenetics, sexually transmitted infections, and blood hematology. The company is an advocate for physicians, patients, and their communities, supporting them with unsurpassed integrity, regulatory compliance, and clinical expertise. Gravity currently serves over 1,000 customers from small private practices to universities to Fortune 500 companies. Learn more at

About Kroger Health 

Kroger Health, the healthcare division of The Kroger Co., is one of America's leading retail healthcare organizations, with over 2,200 pharmacies and 224 clinics in 35 states serving more than 14 million customers. Our team of 22,000 healthcare practitioners - from pharmacists and nurse practitioners, to dietitians and technicians – are committed to helping people live healthier lives. We believe in practicing at the top of our licenses and enabling "food as medicine" to help prevent or manage certain diseases. We are dedicated to providing testing and wellness services to help Americans combat the COVID-19 crisis. Learn more at